Productivity suite that effectively Manage Public Sector Initiatives to 17 SDG's Attainment


Built with the Government for the GovernmentsGPM®

introduces Modularity of the business within a Platform concept !

Our main focus is to serve:

  • Cabinet of Ministers
  • Federal Governments
  • Ministries & Minister’s Office
  • Authorities & BoD’s Office
  • Municipalities, Cities & Regions
  • National & Regional Committees
  • Vision Realization Programs (VRPs)
  • Vision Realization Offices (VROs)
  • Digital Transformation Offices (DTOs)
  • Insights & Intelligence Units

Digital-first government organizations go well beyond

implementing discrete technologies in silos.


“Being Digital” is about technology convergence

that can create transformative synergetic power.

– McKinsey

Strategy Management

enables decision makers and strategy leaders to craft and successfully implement strategies, objectives, KPIs, assigned responsibilities, aligned initiatives and seamlessly report the overall strategy performance across all scorecard aspects.

Project & Portfolio Management

enables Project Management Offices (PMOs) to govern operations, digitize forms,  automate handbook processes and to seamlessly visualize and report the overall performance across all projects, portfolios and programs aspects.

Tasks & Mandates Management

enables governmental agencies to effectively register, assign, delegate, manage, track, and monitor the internal and external mandates across different stakeholders and entities. As well, it enables agile management for administrative & ad-hoc tasks.

Gov. Procurement  Management

enables governmental agencies to comply with Gov. procurement laws through automation of bid opening, evaluation, and awarding to track, and monitor the the overall cycle since submission of needs to vendor management across different tendering types.

Committees & Meetings Mgmt.

Committees & Meetings management system enables all committee members, committees’ secretary and governance & compliance stakeholders to effectively manage committee’s life-cycle and operate its collaboration & e-participation activities.

Command                Center

offers a 360-view of the organization’s health through interactive dashboards with different drill-down journey’s and filtration capabilities. It also empower reporting & dissemination needs capitalizing on Microsoft Power BI

Board                        Management

enables Public Authorities with BoD to manage every aspect of board, board committees, and annual general meetings (AGM) for Chairman, Executive Director, and other stakeholders, board members and assistants in mind.

What                          Else?

GPM is built on and aggressively exploit positive network effects, which can arise on the institution or G2G side and the policy-making side as well as through “cross-side effects” that produce win-win value potential.


We are trusted by

Ministries,  Authorities and NGOs

in the MENA region

Public Administration Journeys within GPM

The fast growing GovTech market

provides opportunities

for creative new digital solutions

across the entire public sector value chain,

from policy-makers through to service design.

– EY