Productivity suite that effectively Manage Public Sector Initiatives to 17 SDG's Attainment


in Core Gov. Systems

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GPM breaks the silos of ministries, departments and agencies through coordination and collaboration across government structures to work toward shared goals through system interoperability that allows for seamless delivery of multisectoral operations.

Interoperability is the ability of different types of computers, networks, operating systems, and applications to work together effectively, without prior communication, to exchange information in a useful and meaningful manner. Scholl and Klischewski

Most developing countries are

trying to make best use of available digital technologies

to expand transactional government systems

with analytical processing capabilities

for decision support, performance monitoring,

and web publishing 

– Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

How We Do it?Delivery Approach

With the rapid transformation trends everywhere, simplicity became uniqueness! GPM makers believe in agile enablement while simplifying the concepts. Our “A-B-C-D” Approach is the key to our successful engagement.

(A) Assess

Assessment is our first step of understanding the As-Is (business model, integrations, process, KPIs, ICT tools & Strategy), involved stakeholders and their respective roles. We follow UN, industry & function-based best practices. Final deliverable is gap analysis report.

(B) Build

Upon comprehensive assessment, we collaboratively BUILD the fit model for successful enablement. Our out-of-the-box is deployed and under tailoring to the expectations and we consider the capacity building for the proper use. Final deliverable is GPM into execution.

(C) Capitalize

Successful engagement shall capitalize on the existing data, resources and skill-set. We leverage the existing capabilities and we continue customize for optimum productivity. Final deliverable is disruptive technologies (RPA, IoT, Advanced Analytics, BD, ML, AI) embedded within GPM.

(D) Data Mgmt.

Reading the overall performance can be accomplished with assertive Data Visualization to get reliable insights and analytics, empowered by reporting engines for all stakeholders. Final deliverable is Command Center

Vision & Purpose

“To be the Government Enabling Partner of Choice” This is our Vision

“To Deliver innovative solutions; Maximize Performance; Realize Transformative Values; Create Sustainable Impact; Enable Our Customers” This is our Mission